our mission

GVMWA established in the year 1994 with a mission to serve the poor and needy communities of the society irrespective of their caste and religion.

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Make donations

Your dollars enable us to keep our services free and available to do lots of service for the poor and down thrown children, people and the loved ones.

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Help & support

Monthly giving is the perfect way to help our poorest children and the suffering people. By setting up an automatic monthly donation.

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our programs

our objectives is to reach out to the lost souls with the gospel. we have been actively working with a special emphasis on the poor and tribal people.

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Disaster Management

Saving the Human Lives in risk


You Live Make Others Live

Our Services

10$ / 500$


Widowhood is considered as a bane in the Indian communities and hence they are not allowed to appear in the public, they are forbidden to the religious and auspicious celebrations and occasions.
400$ / 700$


Millions of Children in India are living in Poverty conditions, not educated and found wandering in the streets as their parents are lost in the natural calamities that occur in the land frequently.
400$ / 1000$


People with physical challenges often have difficulty with relationships because of their physical limitations. They need love and affection for their growth and career.
400$ / 700$


Nearly 45% of the population in India belongs to economically weaker and backward sections of the society who are living with basic amenities and utter poverty conditions.