Medical Camps in Rural / Urban Areas

"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it." --- Mother Terasa

Medical Camps in Rural and Tribal Areas

Indeed, even following quite a while of opportunity, India is attempting to give fundamental wellbeing administrations to its kin. As per government sources, in India 45 childrens dies each hour because of respiratory contaminations. 1 child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhoea. Also, every year, around 2 million youngsters under 5 years old die because of preventable illnesses. GVMWA organizes a little span camps sorted out in various parts of the nation on the premise of wellbeing needs of a particular area. These health camps go for advancing wellbeing looking for conduct in the long haul and in this manner, dissimilar to a general corrective health camp, these camps likewise significantly take a shot at building mindfulness with respect to normal sicknesses, family arranging techniques, sustenance and cleanliness and sanitation. These camps give complete health administrations free of any cost.

Medical Camps in Urbans Areas and Slums

Extensive portions of India's urban rural and slum populaces don't have entry to protected and dependable human services. GVMWA brings medical help to these under-resourced populaces through progressing portable medicinal camps. Versatile vans are ideal conveyance apparatuses as they can achieve all edges of a ghetto group and can venture to every part of the tremendous separations to bolster tribal towns. By conveying medicinal services to their doorstep,GVMWA guarantees that the best number of patients are served without ruining every day business. The restorative groups locally available these vans treat essential health conditions and administer free drugs to look after both intense and constant illness. At the point when extra help is required, patients are offered referrals to the suitable government, private or open offices that give free or sponsored administrations, and arrangements are made for legitimate development and case administration. Patients, in view of their way of life, history and ebb and flow protests, are screened for parasitic contaminations, endless maladies and asymptomatic conditions like hypertension/diabetes/tumors. Consistent de-worming prescriptions are furnished to patients with parasitic contaminations to avert weakness, and healthful supplements are given to those that show serious malnourishment.

GVMWA Medical Camps

Medical Camp at Visakhapatnam on April 2017

Medical Camp 2017 Calendar

GVMWA offers voluntaire services like drugs distributions. The medicines are distributed to the poor and needy without any cost according to the doctor suggestion .
As indicated by Nobel Prize Winner for Economics Angus Deaton, lack of healthy sustenance in India is not recently identified with calorie consumption, but rather India's reliance on a sugar based eating routine with low protein and fat substance. He likewise tended to insufficient sanitation, which triggers increments in disease borne lacks in supplements. India's lack of healthy sustenance issue is said to be surprisingly more terrible than Burkina Faso, Haiti, Bangladesh or North Korea. There is in reality a considerable measure of work to be done in this area, and as mindful and concerned people, you can bolster GVMWA Save the Children in endeavors in sustenance recovery, and also making framework for better nourishment for youngsters. Team, GVMWA supports in educating the people regarding Malnutrition issues in Inida and hleps in saving children.
GVMWA is proactive in educating the people to maintain the gender ratio in Inida. Sex proportion is utilized to depict the quantity of females per 1000 of guys. Sex proportion is a significant hotspot for finding the number of inhabitants in ladies in India and what is the proportion of ladies to that of men in India. In the Population Census of 2011 it was uncovered that the populace proportion in India 2011 is 940 females for each 1000 of guys. The Sex Ratio 2011 demonstrates an upward pattern from the evaluation 2001 information. Evaluation 2001 uncovered that there were 933 females to that of 1000 guys. Since decades India has seen a reduction in the sex proportion 2011, however since the last two of the decades there has been in slight increment in the sex proportion. Since the most recent five decades the sex proportion has been moving around 930 of females to that of 1000 of guys.


List of Medical Volunteers

# Name Address Phone
1 P. Stephen Flat.No. 15, State Bank Colony, Vizag-17 +91-8143105632
2 P. B. Tukaram Flat.No. 15, State Bank Colony, Vizag-17 +91-9866787557
3 A. Anada Rao Kanchara Palem, Visakhapatnam +91-891 2500307
4 Subramanyam MVP Colony, Vizag-17 +91-891 2500307